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Bot Quest Worlds 1.8
Dark Mystic
RJJ Cheats Bots
Epicsauce 1.2.5
Hell Quest 0.9
AQW Inovative 0.3
AQW Wolf 1.2

AQWorlds Achievements Packets

Event achievements are impossible to be gotten by packets. They use a different system.

Special offer achievements are impossible to be gotten by packets because they require IRL money to be unlocked.

Here's the packets:

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%0%1% - Friday The 13th



%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%1%1% - Kung Food Fighter

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%2%1% - Moglin Punter

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%3%1% - PTR Tester*

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%5%1% - Eye Was There

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%7%1% - Stubborn Achievement

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%8%1% - Reinforced

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%9%1% - Sky Pirate Slayer

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%12%1% - Unicorn Commander

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%13%1% - Cornelis Reborn

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%14%1% - King Fisher*

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%14.5%1% - Derp Moosefish*

*Bans for at least 1 day.


AQWorlds SponZard Items Packets

Here's the packets:

%xt%zm%getMapItem%240925%1335% -  Hero of Sponsors
%xt%zm%getMapItem%240925%1334% - Sword of Sponsors
%xt%zm%getMapItem%240925%1333% - Hero of Sponsors Helm

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%365% - Gold Boost

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%366% - EXP Boost

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%516% - Class Point boost

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%362% - Golbrush (R) Lightbeam Elixir

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%364% - Golbrush (R) Wand

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%365% - Gold Boost

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%367% - Globrush Sparklebeam Elixir

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%368% - Elixir of Haste

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%369% - Elixir of Regeneration

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%393% - Globrush (R) Guardian Guard

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%515% - Reputation boost

AQWorlds summonPet Packets

Here's the packets:

%xt%zm%summonPet%15714%10596% - Darkside Pet

%xt%zm%summonPet%90847%10127% - Horc Evader Pet

%xt%zm%summonPet%90847%7985%   - Necromancer Pet


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